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Professional Medical Wear

Shouldn’t medical wear be the least of your concerns?
Gadue’s manages all your medical linen needs. Our program is convenient, reliable, safe, OSHA Compliant, and fully guaranteed!

Why Gadue’s
Gadue’s Dry Cleaning has been in the professional fabricare business since 1980 under the direction of Mark and Marjorie Gadue, with their daughter Aline Gadue Stirling joining the company’s management in 2003.

Recognizing a local need for an OSHA certified linen management program, we expanded our services to include medical linen management.

Superior Quality
Gadue’s Professional Medical Wear program offers competitively priced linen service at superior quality, relieves your medical practice of any linen responsibilities and backed be the Gadue commitment to excellence that we have used to serve this community for over 30 years.

Your patients will appreciate the comfort they receive in the linens we provide, and your managers will appreciate the freedom from linen management, allowing them to focus their attention on other areas of your practice, all the while ensuring all OSHA safety requirements are fully met.

Gadue’s Guarantee
Our specialty is not just meeting your daily linen needs; but maintaining the Gadue’s Dry Cleaning guarantee to service excellence, top quality product and full linen service management that is fiscally responsible in an environmentally friendly way.

No Up-Front Costs
With our service, there are no up front costs. We work with our office staff to determine your linen needs for an established period of time, provide weekly delivery and pick up of the linen.

The Benefits For Your Patients
•    Professional cleaning, processing, packaging and inventory of all your medical linens
•    Delivered in individually wrapped, sanitized packages
•    Premium on a patient’s comfort and dignity
•    The Gadue’s Medical Wear gown makes your patient more at ease at a time when they are often stressed

The Benefits To Your Practice
•    OSHA certified linen management program
•    Competitively priced linen service at superior quality
•    Customized to meet the needs of your individual medical practice
•    Weekly delivery and pick up

Customized To Suit Your Needs
Your linen program will be customized to meet the needs of your individual medical practice. Our program offers you OSHA compliant professional cleaning, processing, packaging, and inventory control of all your medical linens and garments and free replacement of those linens that do not meet your practice goals. Your medical linens are designed specifically for your practice.

The Dignity of Your Patients
Our products place a premium on a patient’s comfort and dignity. Superior patient gowns and linens are sealed in confidence inspiring plastic bags to ensure cleanliness, with no possibility of cross contamination. In the ever increasingly competitive medical market, it is important your patients know you care. Show your patients they are valued and respected. Show them your commitment to patient care by supplying them with the Gadue’s Medical Wear patient gown.

With good reason, patient gowns have traditionally been one of the largest sources of patient complaints. The traditionally bare back style gown, or worse yet paper gown, leaves your patient feeling uncomfortable, devalued and vulnerable. Gadue’s Medical Wear has designed patient gowns that consider a patient’s comfort and dignity. We have patient gowns to meet your varied patient needs: front wrap, side wrap, oversized and more. The Gadue’s Medical Wear gown makes your patient more at ease at a time when they are often stressed.

Convenient – Reliable – Safe

We provide you with your linen items, delivered in individually wrapped, sanitized packages along with the proper number of biohazard bogs for soiled linen pick up. Our professional, OSHA certified staff performs pick up and deliveries on a schedule set to meet the needs of your busy practice. Our staff is ready and willing to assist you in determining your professional medical wear needs along with a complete pricing list and quote for your practice. We are excited to be doing business in this area of linen management and look forward to serving the needs of your practice for years to come.

Learn More
Our unique program is customized to fit your specific needs and requirements. One size does not fit all and every practice is different. To find out how we can best serve you, please call us directly at 802-879-3144 or simply fill out the contact information below and send it to us. We will call you to schedule a meeting and answer any questions you have.

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