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Leading the Revolution: Environmental Dry Cleaning

A Breakthrough In Dry Cleaning Technology

Gadue’s Dry Cleaning is at the leading edge of a revolution in dry cleaning technology.  Since April of 2010, Gadue’s has been using a brand new dry cleaning fluid that is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for human health—not to mention exceptional at cleaning clothes.

Gadue’s Dry Cleaning was the first company in the world chosen by Kreussler Chemical to test their new dry cleaning system, SystemK4.  SystemK4 includes cleaning fluid SolvonK4, a halogen-free solvent that is highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and absolutely safe.  The testing phase, performed by Gadue’s and three other dry cleaning facilities around the world, was a complete success.  Kreussler introduced SystemK4 to the world in Milan, Italy on October 15, 2010.

Up to now, most dry cleaners have relied on a chlorinated hydrocarbon that is detrimental for the environment if released, particularly for ground water.  That solvent is perchloroethylene, or perc.  Alternative solvents have been introduced to the market in the last decade, but Gadue's Dry Cleaning chose not to pursue any of those options because of their lack of effectiveness in cleaning clothes and/or cost associated with capital improvements that would have been necessary for the switch.  We have been careful users of perchlor for thirty years with the hope that something new and better would some day come to market.  That day has arrived.

Gadue’s Dry Cleaning has converted all dry cleaning operations to use SolvonK4.  Vermonters who are looking for a green alternative for cleaning and restoring their garments finally have one in Gadue’s, with our truly environmental dry cleaning, and environmentally friendly wet cleaning and laundering options.  Experience the difference today!

SystemK4 can be found on the web at