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Vermont Dry Cleaning
Vermont Dry Cleaners

Our Mission
●  Clean the clothes.
●  Serve the client with a passion and a zeal that is unmatched.
●  Be an outstanding employer.
●  Serve the community.
●  Protect the environment.

Clean the clothes.
Yes, at the most basic level, we clean clothes.  Lots of people can clean clothes, though--I do it myself at home on a regular basis.  Tide is magic in a box.  Our clients choose Gadue's Dry Cleaning, quite simply, because we are the best: the most successful at getting tough stains out; the most convenient; the most accommodating; the most passionate about serving our clients.  You've made an investment in your wardrobe; professional cleaning is the absolute best way to protect your investment.  If you can take a risk on losing the value of your garments, then you should obviously shop for price--and cut-rate pricing is definitely not what we're about.  But when Tide isn't good enough, or you want to save your lovely blouse or expensive suit from the rag pile, our mission is to bring together art and science and all of our skills and experience in order to return your garment to you in better-than-new condition.  It's the best kind of recycling, and it's what we're all about.

Serve the client with a passion and a zeal that is unmatched.
The fundamental aim of our business is to be successful first by satisfying our clients, and then by exceeding what our clients expect from us, and finally by treating each client as we would an old friend.

Be an outstanding employer.
It is our vision at Gadue's Dry Cleaning that our associates earn a genuine living wage, have the opportunity to be challenged to the very edge of their ability, and have their particular contributions recognized and justly rewarded.

Serve the community.
Gadue's Dry Cleaning is dedicated to serving the needs of the larger communities in which we work and live.  Our particular focus has always been on children, and improving the lives of children right here in Vermont.  We have done this through such initiatives as "Coats for Kids", "Read to Ride", and our "Back to School" program.  Even though these programs don't add a single garment to our production floor, or a single dollar to our balance sheet, they are an integral part of who we are as a company--and who we want to be.

Protect the environment.
We live in the communities in which we work.  Our clients are our neighbors.  We play on the same soil, breathe the same air, drink the same water, swim with our children in the cool waters of Lake Champlain.  We would be remiss if we were not dedicated to protecting what has been merely lent to us by our children's children.  That's what we've invested in the latest technology when it comes to our machinery.  It's why our production facility is extraordinarily energy efficient.  It's why, in 2009, we purchased Vermont's first alternative solvent machine.  And that's why, in 2011, we were the first company in the United States to convert all of our dry cleaning operations to Kreussler's SystemK4, a non-toxic, biodegradable solvent system.  Our commitment to the environment is a commitment not only to our community, but to ourselves and our longevity--a guarantee to our clients that we will not only be around, we'll still be the best, for generations to come.